Venba Fragrance - Parfums De Marly Oriana Sample
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Parfums De Marly Oriana - 2.5 oz - Bottle

Parfums De Marly Oriana Sample

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Parfums de Marly - Oriana

A cloud of joy. A delicious and airy fragrance like a dress made of muslin. Parfums de Marly reveals the new elixir - an unknown, addictive world of pleasure. A mille-feuille full of sweetness and crispness, softness and sensuality, energy and light. Oriana is unique, irresistible.

A citrusy splash of mandarin, Italian bergamot, and grapefruit harbors a heart of soft orange blossom and blackcurrant. Fresh, ripe raspberries have been placed on the airy sweetness of Crème Chantilly and an incredible marshmallow note.

Base notes of musk mallow used to perfume and powder hair in the 18th century, create a sense of freshness and purity, while comforting musk envelops expansively, creating a cozy cocoon.