Hacivat Nishane For Women and Men - Unisex Perfume - Venba Fragrance
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Nishane Hacivat - 3.4 oz - Bottle

Nishane Hacivat

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Top Notes Pineapple, Grapefruit, Bergamot
Heart Notes Cedar, Patchouli, Jasmine
Base Notes Oakmoss, Woody Notes
Gender Unisex
Concentration Parfum
Scent Accords Woody, Citrus, Mossy
Ideal season to wear Spring, Summer, Fall
Preferred time of day Day
Occasion Leisure, Daily 


Scent Description

Move over, because there’s a new masculine in town, and guys, you’re going to love this one. With tart, sparkling citrus draped over a backbone crisp with forest woods, oakmoss, and white jasmine, Hacivat recalls the oakmoss-laden glory of woody chypres like Pour Monsieur that once populated men’s perfumery. Despite the solidly classical lines of the scent, Hacivat feels entirely modern, with a juicy pineapple note aerating the damp mosses and woods, and a touch of blackcurrant leaf keeping the tone fresh and outdoorsy.

Don’t be afraid of that pineapple note. Rich and natural-smelling rather than sporty or cheap, the pineapple note is so well done here that it redeems the reputation of the much-maligned fruit. Hacivat wears on the skin as lightly as a white linen shirt in summer. It is discreet, professional, and sparklingly clean, but possessed of just enough bitter moss and woods for gravitas. A rare, classically-built woody chypre with a contemporary edge, Hacivat just smells really wonderful and will make other people think you smell great too. Bookmark this scent if you love a modern classic.