Venba Fragrance - Xerjoff Decas - Sample
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Xerjoff Decas - Sample - Sample - 2 ml - Sample

Xerjoff Decas - Sample

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Ten years ago, Xerjoff released the original 1861 fragrance (now known as Renaissance), a vibrant and joyous celebration of Italian unification that featured the unparalleled quality of native Italian ingredients from every corner of the country. Now, a decade later, we look back on that momentous release with a new commemoration in the form of Decas, a stunningly bright and fresh unisex floral that harnesses an exquisite specimen of Calabrian mandarin- juicy, tart, and deeply refreshing, and combined perfectly with a gentle tuberose to evoke a bright sunrise across the southern Italian coastline. Moving north, the sumptuous heart features rich and romantic orris butter from Tuscany sweetened with opopanax, which leads perfectly into a long lasting base of musky vanilla that never unbalances the lingering floral freshness. A tribute to ten years of some of Xerjoff's most beloved creations, but truly a tribute to Italy itself, Decas is a joy for any and all who dream of this beautiful and unique country.


Tuberose, mandarin, orris, opoponax, musk, vanilla bourbon