Venba Fragrance - Mancera Hindu Kush
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Mancera Hindu Kush - 4 oz - Bottle

Mancera Hindu Kush

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Top Notes Incense, cannabis, Spices, Labdanum
Heart Notes Woody Notes, Patchouli Leaf
Base Notes Amber, Guaiac Wood, Vanilla Pod, White Musk
Gender Unisex
Concentration Eau de Parfum
Scent Accords Amber, Woody, Warm Spicy
Ideal season to wear Fall, Winter
Preferred time of day Day, Night
Occasion Evening, Leisure


Scent Description

Rugged, imposing, and central to military history both ancient and modern, the Hindu Kush mountain range in Central Asia is a formidable sight indeed. It's a border not merely between Pakistan and Afghanistan, but between heaven and earth itself. To honor this wild location, Mancera presents a uniquely resinous scent, rich with spice and incense, perfect for the adventurous spirit in all of us.

Hindu Kush opens with a sweet and complex layer of exotic spice, with prominent notes of saffron and clove reinforced with the energy of black pepper and the earthy resinousness of another famed export of the region- a cannabis essential oil harvested from authentic Afghan-grown plants. Oud, patchouli and woods dominate the heart, but their heaviest and darkest tones are played down, keeping the robust spiciness at the center of the composition. A vanilla and musk base works along the same concept, reinforcing the resins and spices without drowning them in overly rich or earthy tones and presenting Hindu Kush as that rarest of oriental fragrances- one with more subtlety than opulence. And as a result, it's hard to think of a human being alive that wouldn't smell unbelievable wearing it.