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Goldfield & Banks Discovery Sample Collection

Goldfield & Banks Discovery Sample Collection

8 x 1.5 ml sample each
Pacific Rock Moss - The 2018 breakout: Salty, mossy aquatic with a beautiful lemon opening and a clean, mineral dry down.

Blue Cypress - A beautiful fresh lavender with woody cypress and light spices. Totally unique.

Wood Infusion - A unisex woody blend with a modern touch: A hint of suede-like iris and warm amber make for a comforting experience.

Desert Rosewood - An instant favourite, love-at-first-sniff: The alluring combination of desert rosewood, soft spices, and vanilla. Sumptuous!

White Sandalwood - A sandalwood with a purr: Softer, more serene than most sandalwood styles. Spiritual, with a soft rose and saffron sensuality. Great on both men and women alike.

Southern Bloom - A true absolute distillation of the rare Boronia flower that only blooms once a year in Tasmania. Fruity, earthy, creamy; and yet lightly floral. Gorgeous from every facet.

Velvet Splendour - The revered Mimosa flower (Australian wattle) is like holding sunburnt flowers; wild, dry, earthy. Exotic touches of orange blossom and leather round out this fascinating new release.

Bohemian Lime - This unisex, ultra-fresh release is citrusy, vibrant, and dare we say, sexy! Finishes with a clean woodsy dry down.