Venba Fragrance - Nishane Wulong Cha
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Nishane Wulong Cha - 3.4 oz - Bottle

Nishane Wulong Cha Tester

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Top Notes Bergamot, Orange, Litchi, Mandarin Orange
Heart Notes Tea, Nutmeg
Base Notes Fig, Musk
Gender Unisex
Concentration Parfum
Scent Accords Citrus, Fresh Spicy, Green
Ideal season to wear Spring, Summer
Preferred time of day Day
Occasion Leisure, Daily 


Scent Description

Wulong Chá is a vibrant, woody fig tea with a refreshing twist of citrus to give it sparkle. It opens with an Earl Grey type of freshness, with black tea leaves oily with bergamot, orange, and an exotic, fruity lift that is not immediately identifiable (that would be the litchi). But the heart is pure Oolong: a smoky tea full of delicate, nutty roasted flavors, and a slight but noticeable milkiness. The introduction of the fig note in the heart adds to this impression of milkiness; it smells beautifully like a freshly snapped fig leaf, green and oozing with fig sap.

What a lovely balance of tannins, fruit, and milk this is. We like Wulong Chá because it has both the clean, fresh transparency we’ve come to expect from great tea fragrances, but also a sweet, figgy milkiness that rounds off any sharp corners. In the later stages, a gauzy white musk, as soft as a pillow and spiced gently with nutmeg, wraps everything up in a light, silky embrace. Wulong Chá is a refreshing wear, especially in summer, but it’s also insanely soothing. Strictly to be worn with a white linen shirt and a mint julep in hand.